Read below from those who have loved their experience with Innerglow Wellness through yoga, coaching, and natural products.

I am as grateful for each and every one of my customers and clients as they are for me!

My husband and I have been navigating the highs and lows of being a blended family for 14 years. This delicate balance requires a lot of flexibility, but I am one who thrives on consistency and resists change. Change makes me uncertain and brings up a lot of self-doubt. 

Last summer, after a move across town, the lows were outweighing the highs in my own head. On the outside, it looked like I had my life together. But the inner turmoil was real and rising. I could not articulate my feelings very well to my husband, and he encouraged me to seek a third party as a sounding board, safe space, and unbiased guide.

Jen has helped me get my life back on track – my outlook, my motivation, my goals. I am a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend now. I have learned that life can happen FOR me, not just TO me. Jen has helped me see that the universe is a lot more cause and effect than I ever realized.

I have gained some key phrases and effective techniques from Jen that help me self-guide through situations. I am a work in progress, and the new approaches I have learned require practice.

Our sessions have been steered by me. The topics are chosen by me. No subject is too small or petty for Jen’s listening ear and guidance. I have never felt judged, criticized, or defeated. I have only felt understood, accepted, and encouraged.

Although my life felt out of balance last year, I am forever grateful that I had to go through that because it put me on the path that led me to Jen.

B. H., Coaching Client

I have been using the Skin Repair Serum for about 2 years now and I vow never to use another product again.
I had been searching far and wide for the right cream for my aging skin and never found a satisfactory one. They all contained all kind of chemicals which would hardly be beneficial to the skin.
The Skin Repair Serum keeps the skin hydrated and nourished without being oily, slowly eliminates spots and sun damage, and really has a rejuvenating effect.
Several people have made positive remarks to me about my skin and guessed my age at a much lower number than it actually is.
The best part of this product is that it’s completely natural and I would highly recommend it to anyone at any age.
Try it and you’ll see what I mean!

R. S., Innerglow Natural Products customer, age 76

Innerglow Natural Products has this amazing Skin Repair Serum oil that has been a game changer for me. I have very sensitive skin and have had marks from previous acne. When I would use any products on my face it would cause itchiness and breakouts.

This serum has healed my old marks, has kept my face from getting new breakouts and has moisturized my face. It has been the best thing I have used on my face. It also has a very pleasant fragrance and it is from essential oils and not parfum or other damaging chemicals. I keep 2-3 bottles at a time because I also use it on my neck and hands or on my kids’ skin when dry.

It’s hard to find something completely healthy without chemicals, man-made fragrances or preservatives in the stores, or outrageously priced. This is like finding a rare treasure. I highly recommend this product!

M. S., Innerglow Natural Products Customer

I took an authentic hatha yoga class in the early 80’s for a couple of years, but I was too young to learn, understanding it was merely a physical fitness activity. During the years I had membership at YMCA, I took many yoga classes there. None of them was impressive and I just forced myself to go there only because we were paying!

I started to take your class a while ago. It opened my eyes. I realized yoga helps me so much to keep myself calm and make issues/challenges in my life more manageable. I think it is the best way to “take care of myself,” which is what I need to do always and especially now.

The private yoga session with you was exactly what I needed, and better than my expectation. Thank you!


A. M., Group and Private Yoga Student

Through my coaching sessions with Jen, I gained so much! Thank you for the valuable service you offer your clients.

E. H., Coaching Client

Jen is a remarkable yoga teacher! Her classes helped the library fulfill its mission to provide amazing experiences and opportunities to learn and explore.

I have no doubt Jen’s yoga classes and her commitment to healthy living improves the lives of those in the community.

S.M., Orange County Library, Free Yoga Class