N.J., Innerglow Coaching Client

In May of 2019, I found myself consistently losing in life. I was trying to get hired to an exclusive organization and I had just broken up with a woman I had been seeing for a few years. On paper, I seemed to be doing well. I had an undergraduate and graduate degree and was working in a satisfying career, but I was not fulfilled. It seemed I attracted disaster and I really noticed this when I didn’t get hired for the job I wanted. Things progressively got worse and it interfered with my happiness. I knew I was the source of these issues but I did not know how to address it. 

Fast forward to a Saturday, I was looking for answers (I was searching on Google for the terms “self-healing,” “inner wellness,” “life coaching,” etc.) and I came across Innerglow Wellness. I saw there was a Facebook page and Instagram as well. What caught my eye was the initial description: “Life Balance, Holistic Life Coaching, Trauma-Informed Yoga Instruction, Healthy Lifestyle Education, Tools for Natural Stress Management.” 

This immediately looked like the answer I was looking for to address the issues I was experiencing. I sent an email and was surprised at her prompt response. She gave me a quick call to see what I was seeking. We scheduled a few coaching sessions and I must say how impressive she is at reading self-sabotage and the damaging language we all tell ourselves during tough times. I still struggle today, but being aware of it really helps. She uses techniques that may seem odd, but they work (reparenting, listening to the inner self, etc.). Once you realize how powerful your words are to yourself, you see how much of a difference it makes to change them.

After a few sessions (by the way, she’s very flexible and can do virtual sessions as well as in person), I noticed life improving. There’s a lesson learned even if the experience is not the one you wanted or expected. Long story short, I recently got hired to the place I wanted and I have others wanting to recruit me.

Trust the process, she’s very good at her craft.