B. H., Coaching Client

My husband and I have been navigating the highs and lows of being a blended family for 14 years. This delicate balance requires a lot of flexibility, but I am one who thrives on consistency and resists change. Change makes me uncertain and brings up a lot of self-doubt. 

Last summer, after a move across town, the lows were outweighing the highs in my own head. On the outside, it looked like I had my life together. But the inner turmoil was real and rising. I could not articulate my feelings very well to my husband, and he encouraged me to seek a third party as a sounding board, safe space, and unbiased guide.

Jen has helped me get my life back on track – my outlook, my motivation, my goals. I am a better wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend now. I have learned that life can happen FOR me, not just TO me. Jen has helped me see that the universe is a lot more cause and effect than I ever realized.

I have gained some key phrases and effective techniques from Jen that help me self-guide through situations. I am a work in progress, and the new approaches I have learned require practice.

Our sessions have been steered by me. The topics are chosen by me. No subject is too small or petty for Jen’s listening ear and guidance. I have never felt judged, criticized, or defeated. I have only felt understood, accepted, and encouraged.

Although my life felt out of balance last year, I am forever grateful that I had to go through that because it put me on the path that led me to Jen.