Read below from those who have loved their experience with Innerglow Wellness through yoga, coaching, and natural products.

I am as grateful for each and every one of my customers and clients as they are for me!

In May of 2019, I found myself consistently losing in life. I was trying to get hired to an exclusive organization and I had just broken up with a woman I had been seeing for a few years. On paper, I seemed to be doing well. I had an undergraduate and graduate degree and was working in a satisfying career, but I was not fulfilled. It seemed I attracted disaster and I really noticed this when I didn’t get hired for the job I wanted. Things progressively got worse and it interfered with my happiness. I knew I was the source of these issues but I did not know how to address it. 

Fast forward to a Saturday, I was looking for answers (I was searching on Google for the terms “self-healing,” “inner wellness,” “life coaching,” etc.) and I came across Innerglow Wellness. I saw there was a Facebook page and Instagram as well. What caught my eye was the initial description: “Life Balance, Holistic Life Coaching, Trauma-Informed Yoga Instruction, Healthy Lifestyle Education, Tools for Natural Stress Management.” 

This immediately looked like the answer I was looking for to address the issues I was experiencing. I sent an email and was surprised at her prompt response. She gave me a quick call to see what I was seeking. We scheduled a few coaching sessions and I must say how impressive she is at reading self-sabotage and the damaging language we all tell ourselves during tough times. I still struggle today, but being aware of it really helps. She uses techniques that may seem odd, but they work (reparenting, listening to the inner self, etc.). Once you realize how powerful your words are to yourself, you see how much of a difference it makes to change them.

After a few sessions (by the way, she’s very flexible and can do virtual sessions as well as in person), I noticed life improving. There’s a lesson learned even if the experience is not the one you wanted or expected. Long story short, I recently got hired to the place I wanted and I have others wanting to recruit me.

Trust the process, she’s very good at her craft.

N.J., Innerglow Coaching Client

Jen is the best! She has helped me shift my perspective to help clear my headspace to gain more positive insight on negative events that had been happening in my life.

She is great at showing how much she genuinely cares about her clients.

I would highly recommend choosing her if you’re looking for a life coach!

N. M., Innerglow Coaching Client

Oh WOW this is one of the best face masks I ever used!

And the rose water was a great tip too!

E. N.-R., Innerglow Products Customer

Jen has been an amazing person to know! She brings things into perspective to help you get a grasp on what you really want in life, and suggests ideas and next steps to get there.

You know she cares because she checks in throughout the week via email and text when she finds an article that applies to your situation or just a quote to help you get your day started.

I would definitely recommend Jen Larsen. She is the best!

E.T. Coaching Client

I came to Jen about two months ago with stress, anxiety, and migraines caused by everyday life. Furthermore, I felt this need “I” have to do everything. As a result, most of the time I was not present in the moment. I was emotionally and physically drained.

After my first private yoga session, I felt this sense of energy and light I have not felt in so long. It’s so crazy: I’m performing better at work, sleeping through the night, and who cares if I don’t do it all … I’m human and need to remember “me,” the one person I was not putting first.

Yoga is a lifestyle of poses and deep breathing techniques. Anyone can do yoga with Jen, no matter what phase you are at in life.

I can’t thank Jen enough for helping me take back control of my life and well-being.

A. T., Private Yoga Student

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I absolutely love your smokeless smudge spray. So easy to use. Very potent too.

I have seen some in shops and they don’t even smell like anything. You could be spraying water for all we know. Yours is so incredible and I’ve bought for my male friend who would never smudge the old fashioned way.

Thanks so much for creating such a fantastic product. I love that it can easily be ordered online now.

J. U., Innerglow Natural Products customer

Working with you gives me a place to sort out my thoughts and search for deep-seated truths.

The self-awareness and self-discovery that occurs leads me to new experiences and opens me up to new ideas that I would have never welcomed without your help.

I am grateful for whatever called me to your office and look forward to the doors we will open in the future.

Anthony W. Vlassis, Coaching Client

Yours is my favorite yoga class because you understand that we are all at different levels and you accept us individually.

You have wonderful music and a soothing voice.  You explain as you go the entire practice and offer options with no pressure.

You are clearly a believer in yoga, self-love, and acceptance.  I have learned so much from you about yoga, my body, my mind and what I can do.

Thank you!

A. S., Group Yoga Student

Your voice is relaxing and yet your classes are physically challenging.

The variety of movements stretches all my sore muscles and joints.

Instructions are clear and precise while giving options to the suggested poses.

I feel warmth and connectedness emanating from you, which helps to make the experience special.

C. C., Group Yoga Student

I was in a pattern rut.I needed help gaining a fresh perspective on some issues that were weighing me down. Jen helped by listening and giving new ideas with some parenting and self challenges. I needed some new ideas as well as her support of what was working.


I discovered that my inner critic was louder than I realized and that it had become an obstacle in my life. I have now made it a priority to quiet that critic.

I was feeling stuck in a negative pattern of parenting. It was really helpful to have a fresh view but also a reinforcement of things that were working.

Talking gave me a relief valve.

Thank you, Jen!

L. M., Coaching Client