I am the co-host of the weekly “Toxic Tuesday” segment of the Jim Lawrence Show on live radio at WSMN 1590AM in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Every week, Jim and I discuss a different aspect of health and wellness, with a particular focus on educating listeners on toxins in our diet and environment and how to protect ourselves and achieve optimal health.

To listen, tune in to WSMN between 4:05-5pm Eastern time and click “On Air.”

Listen to previously recorded shows below:

11/19/2019 Gratitude and the Power of Positive Thinking (I come on at 7:30)

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I have also made appearances on other shows, like the Joy Jamz Holistic Wellness Series on The Price of Joy Radio Network. Listen to my radio interview from June 5, 2018 speaking about spiritual healing, the power of positive thinking, natural health, and more.

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If you’d like to interview me on your radio show or podcast, please fill out my contact form with your request.