Natural Living

Let me be your natural living consultant, reminding you of the ways that nature connects humans to the Earth beneath and around us. We can draw so much energy from nature’s rhythms, even as we continue moving forward in the digital age.

With my help, you’ll bring your awareness back to nature’s rhythms. I’ll show you how to incorporate more natural choices into your every day life, and create cleaner, greener habits. I’ll teach you how to prepare healthier foods, choose natural self-care and cleaning products, build your personal toolbox for managing stress, and more.

My natural living knowledge, which I will share with you, includes the following:

  • Healing with herbs and super foods
  • Homeopathics and natural remedies
  • Vitamin, minerals, nutritional supplements
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations
  • Healthy cooking classes
  • Visiting grocery store together, to help you make healthier shopping choices
  • Sources for organic/non-GMO/sustainable produce
  • Produce prep and storage for longevity and ease of meal prep
  • Sources for pastured proteins (beef, pork, chicken, eggs)
  • Benefits of raw, unpasteurized milk and where to get it
  • Composting and gardening
  • Dairy-free alternatives and ideas
  • Gluten-free alternatives and ideas
  • Earthing, and absorbing the benefits of nature and the outdoors
  • Air and water purity
  • Natural cleaning products
  • Aromatherapy and essential oils for healing
  • Natural skin and body products

We can meet at my home, via phone/Skype/FaceTime, or at your location. Please fill out my contact form with any inquiries, or to set up an appointment.